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Ducati 900 SuperSport Turbo Drag Bike

Base Model
The bike has been developed over the last 3 years starting with a 1997 Ducati 900SS carburettored model. A standard engine with hi compression pistons and Kehein flatslide carbies was first used.

Chassis Modifications
The standard 900SS chassis was modified by Sean Arthur from Adrenaline Performance and Fabrication in Bunbury. Sean racked the steering head and fitted a TZR250 front end. The standard upside down forks were removed and the 250 front end used to save weight.

The original swing arm was discarded and the rear end of the chassis extended 4 inches. The now solid rear end is constructed of Chrome Moly and the wheelie bars fit directly to this section. Again significant weight losses were gained by using this rear end configuration.

Fairing and Body Modifications
The shape of the bike has changed from a 900SS to a 900 Superlite with a different seat being the most prominent change. Significant use of carbon fibre in body panels has resulted in more weight loss. The tank is a hollow carbon fibre shell as the fuel tank is located at the rear of the bike. Both side fairings are now carbon fibre and where constructed by Ducati Bunbury from the original fairings.

Transmission System
The transmission used is the standard 900SS unit. No internal modifications were required until the turbo was fitted. With the bike producing 190HP at launch, severe stresses are applied to the output shaft of the transmission. This shaft is rather long and was designed to transmit the standard 62HP. An outer support bearing was fitted with a bracket from the rear chassis. This bearing supports the output shaft on the inside and outside of the front sprocket. Without this modification the output shaft was prone to snapping.

The gears are not manually shifted as on a standard bike. Shifting is done using a air shifter system. A button on the left handlebar operates an air ram that shifts the bike through the gears. The air reservoir used to supply this ram is the original rear exhaust system. The mufflers are retained to maintain the "stock" look of the bike and serve the extra function of the air reservoir.

A lockup clutch system is used. This allows the bike to be launched on full throttle by "dumping" the clutch. No manual slipping of the clutch is done by the rider. The clutch has arms that throw out with centrifugal force when the bike begins to move and this locks the clutch up. This is used in combination with a rev-limiter so that the bike can be staged on full throttle and this is where it stays for the whole run.

Fuel System
The bike uses methanol as a the preferred fuel as it has a better cooling effect than petrol and is a lot smoother to burn in the engine.

Fuel injection is used with 2 injectors per cylinder. The first injector is used for startup and idle. To achieve the rate of fuel flow that is required (2.5 litres per run) the second indy car injector is used.

The custom made fuel tank is located at the rear of the bike and fuel is piped via 2 3/8 fuel lines to the 600GPH EFI fuel pump. The fuel is then fed to the injectors via a fuel rail and then returns via a pressure regulator. The regulator is set to 60lb but is dynamically changed as the turbo boost pressure changes. 1 pound is added for every pound of boost applied.

A MOTEC fuel injection management system is used to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This also functions as a data logger and after each run a laptop is used to download the data. Data collected includes boost pressure, throttle position and amount of wheel slip of the start line.

Turbo System
When the bike is staged on the start line it boosts to approx 6.5lb. When it leaves the line at full throttle it goes to 19lb boost and that is 190 Horsepower 200+ Horsepower.

SportRider, March 2006
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South Western Times, March 16, 2006

Now at 215 Horsepower!
Tune Up - Nov. 16, 2006
We just tuned the 900ss for the 1st time since it was built and tuned 3 years ago. The power use to drop off at 7,500 revs now stays up there till 9.000 about 50hp and we got 206.5 rear wheel hp. Racing this week end Todd hopes to do 8's
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